Pre commissioning activities in oil and gas pdf

Pre commissioning activities in oil and gas pdf

We offer engineered solutions for pre-commissioning, commissioning, and maintenance shutdowns with specialized services for the oil and gas, power generation, metals and mining, and other process industries. Our integrated package of services includes nitrogen services: purging, helium leak testing, bolt tensioning and torquing, system cooldowns; cleaning services: lube-oil flushing, chemical cleaning, retrojetting, high-velocity flushing; and drying using either air, nitrogen, or vacuum.

BHGE can package these services together to manage the entire pre-commissioning process. This optimizes the utilization of people and equipment, reducing overall cost, decreasing time to system start-up. For plant turnaround, our services minimize outage time while improving plant efficiency. Baker Hughes nitrogen services reduce project time, risk, and cost with efficient nitrogen usage onshore or offshore during new construction or turnarounds.

pre commissioning activities in oil and gas pdf

We support projects in oil and gas production, LNG, refining, petrochemical, power generation. We ensure you have a clean, dry, leak-free, and inert unit ready to safely receive product the first time, according to industry standards.

If temperature is an issue, we can precool or preheat your piping and vessels to the required level. As part of your plant pre-commissioning or turnaround, our leak testing, cleaning, and drying expertise means a faster start-up with greater operating efficiency.

With greater system integrity, meet your HSE objectives and environmental regulations. Our packaged services reduce plant downtime, minimize cost, and HSE risk with a one-stop solution driving greater efficiency.

Our turnaround services provide a one stop solution to reduce cost, plant downtime, and HSE risk. Engineered industrial nitrogen services and chemical decontamination expertise help deliver shorter shutdowns and faster clearing. Our clean-burn variable tip flare technology ensures complete combustion of your waste materials. Clean-burn prevents the release of unconverted hydrocarbon materials, undesirable by-products and solid carbon deposits, ensuring emissions concentrations to reduced significantly below local legislative limits.

Our temporary fuel gas and LNG supply service keeps gas flowing to your customers during outages, ensuring you meet your contractual obligations. Whether a supply shortage in a remote location, planned maintenance work, or an unexpected shutdown, we offer tailored support.

Vaporized LNG is delivered at precisely controlled pressure, temperature, and flow rate for an uninterrupted supply.

Pipeline Dewatering / Pigging After Hydrostatic Test ( pre-commissioning)

We can blend other materials to ensure calorific value and molecular weights match your specifications. We can also fuel your turbines, gas compressors, and power generation systems while in the construction yard, allowing you to troubleshoot and commission the units before shipping offshore.Overall and discipline supervision is aimed to ensure that mechanical completion is documented and pre-commissioning and commissioning is completed in the correct sequence, following the approved procedures and duly and timely documented within the completion database:.

Daily, weekly as required reports detailing planned activities versus completed and reported ones i. ITRs allocation, population, issuing, closing out as well as systems completion. This site or the third party tools it uses, make use of cookies needed to function and useful for the purposes indicated in the cookie policy.

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Facility Maintenance Services

Pre-shipment inspection. Find out more about cookies. Excellence Behind Excellence. Corporate info Privacy Cookies. VAT number Throughout the life of any oil or gas production or refining facility, maintenance is required annually where a facility halts production to enable the inspection, maintenance and repair, or replacement, of components. Maintenance plans are generally established for each item of equipment and these are followed to ensure optimal performance from the production facility.

In addition to the long term planned maintenance, there are also short term planned and unplanned maintenance requirements. Our procedures and technology is tuned to optimize safety, time and flexibility, ensuring system restart is achieved on, or in a number of cases, ahead of schedule.

The integration of all these related services into a single package allows the various scopes to be easily planned, completed, reported and certified with minimal, or no third party handovers or interfaces, minimizing non-productive time and enhancing safety.

This provides additional benefits from simplification of the permit, to work system through, to an increase in completion quality due to total system ownership, and enhanced safety through real time system awareness. A small, single crew of personnel who can perform all the required shutdown services, provides substantial reductions in manpower requirements and logistical costs which, in turn, help reduce overall shutdown costs.

Key advantages of an integrated suite of shutdown services are the seamless interfaces between each phase of the operation. Sign In Register. Regional Sites. Contact Us. Overview More Overview Case Studies. Facility Maintenance Services Throughout the life of any oil or gas production or refining facility, maintenance is required annually where a facility halts production to enable the inspection, maintenance and repair, or replacement, of components.

Benefits Enhancement of overall safety due to use of a single crew and elimination of risks associated with handovers and poor communication Reduction of project schedule resulting in reduced down time and enhanced production figures Decreased on-site head count Reduction in costs.

Frequently Requested Data Sheets 2. LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Print. Filter By.Location of the instrument Tag no. As per Instrument index or IO List. All Level Transmitters to be checked only with water.

When an Alarm comes, it has to blink in graphics in Red, if we accept it will become static. High or HP fuel gas inlet flow low.

Color change also to be checked. Some of the controllers, we have seen Action given in Control narrative is wrong. Otherwise report in your DPR. Also Read : Basics of Loop Checks. If your get mismatch alarm, report in your DPR. If it is more than given in datasheet, please record in your DPR. It is also to be checked. Fail Last Position. Check for smooth operation. Please guide Field Engineer and get feed back from them while loop checking for deviations.

During Valve Checks, Field Person is necessary. It will be useful for tracing the balance loops. Display of the readings with parameters on that Transmitter. Unit of that particular tag — Should match with DCS. The readings displayed to be counter checked with the person on DCS. Also Share any other Points if we missed in the above mentioned list via comments section. Also Read: Guidelines for Logic Checks.

Thank you very much for updating valuable knowledge but please provide one PDF file save option to download the soft copy. Such a wonderful article for loop check starters. Good job author…Keep up the Excellent Job…. Amazing information. Practical dos and donts… Things to be checked carefully during pre-commissioning…. Wow, a lot of mistakes are in here. How can you state that mbar equals any flow without checking the actual flow element. Level checks should be done with the correct liquid. Diesel for example.

Does it overshoot?Portfolio Planner is software which improves portfolio, project and resource management. What were you doing when you faced the problem? What have you tried to resolve - did you look for a solution using "Search"?

Has it happened just once or several times? Can anyone provide me Primavera 6 version commissioning plan? The items you show as precommissioning and commissioning are in fact part ot the construction, inspection and testing activities. Search this site:. A new user every minutes Forum Sponsor:.

Tips on using this forum. Sat, Angel Cruz. Joined: 16 May Posts : Are the activities and sequence are correct?

pre commissioning activities in oil and gas pdf

Is there any missing activity? Printer-friendly version Send to friend. Mon, Gary Whitehead. Joined: 24 Mar No-one has offered to provide XERs on this thread, and it is 3 years old. Thread locked.

Ash Allam. Joined: 6 Nov Posts : 3.Pipeline pre-commissioning is the process of proving the ability of a pipeline and piping systems to contain product without leaking.

This product may be liquid, gaseous or multiphase hydrocarbonswatersteamCO 2N 2petrolaviation fuel etc. Pre-commissioning is the series of processes carried out on the pipeline before the final product is introduced. The process during which the pipeline is made "live" i. Despite being seen as an offshoot, or minor part of the business for the larger oil service companies, the pipeline pre-commissioning industry possesses quite a large portfolio of services including, but not limited to the following services:.

Pipeline Cleaning — this is carried out by pushing pigs or gel pigs through the pipeline to remove any debris buildup or corrosion. Pipeline Gauging — this is carried out to prove the dimensional quality of the internal diameter of the pipeline.

Pipeline Filling Flooding — which can be carried out by propelling pigs through the pipeline with water or free flooding with water normally for smaller or unpiggable pipelines.

Hydrotesting — this is a process by which the pipeline in question is pressure tested to a predefined pressure above the operating design pressure of the pipeline. Dewatering — this involves pushing pigs through the pipeline propelled by a gas to remove the water prior to start-up.

pre commissioning activities in oil and gas pdf

Other services include vacuum drying, degassing, pneumatic testing, barrier testing, leak testing, decommissioning to mention but a few. On the pipeline process pre-commissioning side, there are various services such as chemical cleaning, helium leak detection, bolting, hot oil flushing, pipe freezing, foam inerting etc Other services include valve testing, umbilical testing, hot tapping, leak metering, riser annulus testing.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.During precommissioning activity, Owners operation team have to be present at site for training and familiarizing the facilities. Utilities Contractor and Owner shall discussed the utilities availability in the plant. It shall be stated who will provide the utilities for precommissioning and commissioning activities.

Typical utilities that will be used for precommissioning and commissioning activities are: 1. Raw water 2. Electricity 3. Compressed Air 4. Nitrogen 5. Demin Water 6. Chemicals 7. Lube Oil 8. Electricity: to provide power for motor, HVAC system, instrumentation control, etc. Compressed air: it is used for pneumatic test Nitrogen: inerting gas line or hydrocarbon storage Demin water: for boiler cleaning or for steam blowing, etc.

pre commissioning activities in oil and gas pdf

Chemicals: used for commissioning activity for several system, such as water treatment, waste water treatment, boiler, cooling water injection, etc. Lube oil: used for lubricating the moving parts of mechanical items. General Precommissioning Activities It shall be noticed that for every project might have different system and different precommissioning activity. In general, precommissioning activities will be conduct for each discipline: 1.

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Precommissioning and Commissioning Procedure

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