Jawar mohammed today news

Jawar mohammed today news

Abiy won the Nobel peace prize this month for his regional peacemaking achievements. Late on Friday, the police commissioner for Oromiya told Reuters that 67 were people killed in the region in the two days of protests this week, a dramatic jump in the number of deaths from earlier reports.

Sixty-two of the dead were protesters while five were police officers, Oromiya regional police commissioner Kefyalew Tefera said by phone. Thirteen died from bullet wounds and the rest from injuries caused by stones, he said.

On Thursday, authorities and hospital officials had reported that protests in the capital and other cities resulted in 16 deaths and dozens of wounded. It was not immediately clear how many of the 16 were included in the tally of 67 reported in Oromiya.

But kingmakers like media mogul Jawar are flexing their muscles. Amnesty International says that, since Abiy took office, there have been several waves of mass arrests of people in Oromiya perceived to be opposed to the government. On Friday afternoon, the defense ministry said the army had been deployed to seven cities where there had been protests this week. The four ethnically based parties in the coalition that has ruled Ethiopia since are facing increasing competition from new, more strident parties demanding greater power and resources for their own regions.

I am running to lose weight. His remarks were his strongest criticism yet of Abiy, with whom he was photographed frequently last year, but the split follows pointed remarks by Abiy to parliament on Tuesday.

Ethiopia officials say pro - Jawar Mohammed protesters killed in Oromo cities

If this is going to undermine the peace and existence of Ethiopia The comments were widely seen as a dig at Jawar, who is Ethiopian-born but has a U.

Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States. World News. Giulia Paravicini.With 1. Jawar began his formal education at a Catholic school in Asella former capital of the Arsi Province. He described his experience at the UWC as awakening his consciousness to his own Oromo identity.

He went on to pursue graduate studies in human rights at Columbia Universityreceiving a master's degree in Jawar has been an important political coordinator for the Qeerroo youth movement, even in exile. After his interview with Aljazeerain which he replied "I am Oromo first" for the question "Are you Oromo first or Ethiopian first?

Following his return to Ethiopia inhe has been accused of stoking inter-ethnic tensions and mob violence. In Octoberhe reported that, late at night, members of the police had attempted to force his security detail to vacate the grounds of his home in Addis Ababa ; alleging they planned to later mobilize a mob and intimating they were doing so at the behest of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ethiopian journalist and political activist. Dhumuga, Arsi ProvinceEthiopia [1]. Arfasse Gemeda m.

jawar mohammed today news

The Guardian. Retrieved 25 September Few doubt the importance of Jawar in recent Ethiopian history. Perhaps more than any other single individual, he took the once-marginal politics of Oromo nationalism and made it mainstream. Retrieved 26 September NPR News. Retrieved 18 October At 32, with a mischievous smile and a round, boyish face, he keeps the air of a startup CEO, but Jawar is without a doubt the most controversial man in Ethiopia.He thinks he is a big shot and above the law.

He says anything he wants and gets away with it. Everywhere he goes, he makes controversial statements and agitates the youth to resort to lawlessness. His reckless actions have divided people and caused deaths and destruction in the country. Jawar, the self-appointed Oromo activist and shallow political analyst, has enraged many people in the Southern region. His close personal and business association with Sidama extremists and his support for their illegal activities has caused so much suffering to the people of the region.

Talk to anyone in Awassa about Jawar, and you will observe how quickly the expression on the face of the person changes. In his recent interview with LTV, Jawar has tried to deflect and play down his role in the crimes in Awassa and Sidama zone.

He vehemently denied any wrong doing and downplayed his role in inspiring and supporting the Sidama extremists to resort to violence if they wanted to achieve their political agenda. Instead of answering the question put to him by the interviewer, he tried to rebuke her and blamed the government authorities for the problem in the Southern region.

Once again, he has shown no concern about the death and destruction in the region. Through his OMN Oromia Media NetworkJawar played a pivotal role in radicalizing the Sidama youth and sowing the seeds of suspicion among the groups. From his base in Minnesota, home of Oromo extremists, Jawar used to invite people of Sidama origin in his programs to disseminate hateful messages against people in the SNNPR.

On many occasions, the self-appointed Sidama activists appearing on OMN preached division and tried to undermine the unity of the people in the region. His guests belittled the current regional structure and disseminated hate against groups in the region.

The Sidama ethnic entrepreneurs often made bizarre statements to divide the people of the region. Jawar was responsible for instigating the conflict between the Sidama and Wolita youths in Awassa in My sources told me Jawar advised his friends, the leaders of the Ejjeetto, to follow Queros tactics to achieve their goals. He told his criminal friends to restore to violence. Instead, he sided with the Sidama extremists and defended their crimes. Nothing good happens in places where Jawar sets his foot.

After overseeing the horrid lynching of an innocent man by his followers in Shashmene many months ago, Jawar went to Awassa to agitate and give moral support to his extreme Sidama friends in the city. He advised the Sidama extremists to be persistent in causing lawlessness in Awassa to achieve their goals. As soon as he left Awassa, we saw the Sidama extremists wreak havoc in the city that lasted for more than a year.

The extremists forced the closure of government institutions, Banks, and hotels. They committed many crimes in the city that reduced Awassa into an economically weak city. Little did the Sidama extremists know that Jawar had been undermining the interest of the Sidama people and others to achieve his objectives. While the value of land and property in Shashmene and other cities Oromia regions has gone up, the real estate market in Awassa has declined significantly.

The slowdown has affected everyone in the region. Because of the reckless acts of the Sidama ethnic entrepreneurs, people have avoided businesses owned by hardworking Sidama businessmen.

Ethiopian activist, Jawar Mohammed, in diaspora to map out political future

Many Sidama businesses were forced to close their doors forever. During the Chamebella Holiday celebration, Jawar Mohammed made one of his divisive speeches to date.

He encouraged the Sidama extremists to put more pressure on the government by resorting to violent tactics regularly. Inspired by the speech of the ethnic thug, the Sidama extremists unleashed a series of crimes in Awassa and cities in Sidama Zones.Jawar Mohammed, an influential pro-democracy activist in Ethiopia is leaving the country 15 months after he returned to the country following years in exile in the United States.

In a Facebook post, Jawar said he was on a mission to go and engage the diaspora on events back home and how to chart a political future. Authorities also confirmed the arrest of hundreds in connection to the violence. Despite being influential in the mass protests that brought Abiy to power inJawar and Abiy engaged in public spats around political and security issues.

An attempt to withdraw his security detail led to the protests that claimed lives. After tumultuous past weeks, now I am headed to the diaspora to consult and converse with our communities about whats happening in our homeland and what awaits us ahead.

In towns hall meetings in selected cities in North America and Europe we will be reviewing the course we have traveled thus far, our mistakes and accomplishments. We will brainstorm, debate, plan and strategize our nations path towards the future, election and beyond.

We have had continued these tradition of town-hall conversations in Oromia in the last year and half and have been very rewarding in helping us understand the aspirations and views of our communities. Now its time to reengage the diaspora then return the homeland for full scale ground work.

See you in one of the towns. Welcome to Africanews Please select your experience. Watch Live.

Jawar mohammed galma barkumee seenee qeerroon simatte sirna eebba OMN fi simannaa jawar

Breaking News Close. News Ethiopian activist, Jawar Mohammed, in diaspora to map out political future. Ethiopia Jawar Mohammed, an influential pro-democracy activist in Ethiopia is leaving the country 15 months after he returned to the country following years in exile in the United States.

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More info in our Cookies policy page.View More. Earlier, reports had indicated that only 16 people had been killed, with angry protestors accusing the government of using exercise force to 'massacre innocent people'.

Youthful activist cum politician Jawar Mohammed had on Thursday asked his supporters to abandon the protests, calling for immediate reconciliation with their 'enemies'. Addressing hundreds of his supporters at his house in Addis Ababa, Jawar said: "Open the blocked roads, clean the towns of barricades, treat those who have been injured during the protests and reconcile with those you have quarreled with.

jawar mohammed today news

He warned that such attempts will be resisted. The youthful politician, who holds US passport, also hinted at a possible run against Abiy in Ethiopia's polls. Abiy took over in following the exit of Hailemariam Desalegn.

Police have been accused of using live bullets to disperse protestors, leading to the death of the 27 people. After Jawar's address, protestors are said to have slowed down.

Already, the Ethiopian government has deployed military to affected cities, arguing that 'it will be held restore order by negotiating with elders'. Trouble started on Tuesday when Jawar went to his Facebook account and complained that the state had withdrawn his security besides besieging his house.

In the capital, Addis Ababa, supporters offered to act as Jawar's security detail and protesters were heard shouting: "Down, down, Abiy.

Angry protestors burnt Abiy's newly published book, Medemer, which explains his leadership philosophy. The book-burning took place in the town of Dadar. A fortnight ago, Abiy won the Nobel Peace Prize ostensibly for his efforts in negotiating the historic Eritrean peace deal that ended decades of civil war.

Jawar is credited for the engineering removal of Hailemariam Desalegn. Although Somaliland seceded from Somalia inMogadishu has often insisted that its part of her territory, leading to the current impasse.

X Coronavirus live updates: What you need to know View More. Jawar Mohammed meets supporters outside his home in Addis Ababa. Picture: AFP. Related articles. Nobel Peace Prize of death? Protests rock Ethiopia as police shoot 3 people dead Africa Ethiopian PM and his wife permitted to adopt a child from Orphanage centre Africa Presidents of Djibouti, Sudan arrive in Ethiopia Africa Nobel Peace Prize magic?

Ethiopian PM dissolves ruling coalition amid ethnic clashes Africa Latest headlines Somaliland initiates TV and Radio education programmes to aid learning as schools shut down US military rebukes Al-Shabaab for spreading propaganda over airstrike in Somalia China dispatches anti-pandemic medical team to Addis Ababa amid Coronavirus nightmare Sitting at a table in a state conference room in the capital, Addis Ababa, the two men met on Nov.

Eighty-six people died in two days. Since the bloody protests, the two men have agreed to tone down the violence, and Mr. Jawar has announced plans to take his case to the ballot box.


Abiy, his one-time ally. But the ethnic tensions that have torn this country apart in the past have resurfaced in recent months, and the clashes in October were the deadliest since Mr. Abiy came to power.

jawar mohammed today news

The violence has tested Mr. His efforts to reform the country have empowered the opposition — including Mr. Hagmann said. In Mr. The country breathed a sigh of relief. A signature initiative of Mr. Abiy has been trying to persuade his fellow citizens to subordinate their ethnic identities to a national one. But Mr. Jawar and his allies say they want a government that respects their demands for greater regional sovereignty. Ethiopia has nine semiautonomous regions, where ethnic conflict is rampant and groups that have been newly empowered by the recent democratic overhaul are demanding the ability to run their own affairs.

One ethnic group — the Sidama — is seeking to create a 10th semiautonomous region. A referendum that would decide the matter is scheduled for Wednesday, and there are fears that the vote could descend into further violence. Jawar said he would run for a parliamentary seat in Oromia, a sprawling region of about 30 million mostly rural dwellers, consisting of dozens of different ethnic groups.

His aim is to create a political party there with the goal of winning enough seats to name him prime minister.Jawar Mohammed is a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist media entrepreneur who owns Oromia Media Network and Gulele Post, among other things. Jawar Mohammed, the owner of Oromia Media Network Minnesota based ethnic television station, said on his social media page on Tuesday in the evening, his armed guards are under siege in his residence.

His claim is not verified by other sources. Some seem to think that he could just be plotting for his next political move. If his claim about armed groups deployed near his residence is true, the incident came days after road closures leading to the capital Addis Ababa and disruptions of meetings which he is believed to have organized. We ask seriously [referring to himself and his guards] that this force refrain from its move and retreat.

Sources close to him said that he has initiated a legal process to renounce his US citizenship and move to Ethiopia for good. The Ethiopian government has been criticized for its leniency towards Jawar who is believed to have caused numerous conflicts and bloodshed by mobilizing radicalized ethnic Oromo nationalists known as Qeerroo.

His followers have committed numerous atrocities in different parts of the Oromo region of Ethiopia and beyond usually against Ethiopians who are not Oromo speakers. Abiy Ahmed warned individual media owners based overseas to stop manufacturing conflicts while he was answering question at the Ethiopian parliament on Tuesday this week.

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